Mike Hood

Profile: Mike Hood, registrar at the North Campus, is a man with many hats. Whether it is helping students find their way around campus, register for a class, sign up for a placement test, figure out the financial aid process, or get a refund from the vending machine, Mike has been there to assist. In fact, Mike is the only employee who has been at the North Campus since its opening in 1990. If you need help at the North Campus, start with Mike.

Mike is willing to help out whenever and wherever needed. He has an amazing ability to communicate in a thorough and down to earth manner with both students and co-workers. He is patient and student-centered – two qualities that come in handy when you have a campus that is growing rapidly. Mike was nominated by Cory Coombs who says “Mike is consistently helpful above and beyond the call of duty”. Way to go Mike, and thank you for your loyalty, dedication and hard work.