Mary Kotsokalis


How do you balance the needs of our students with the growing needs of our medical community? Just ask Mary Kotsokalis. Mary has an impressive background in nursing and years of experience which she gladly shares. She provides our community with some of the best trained people in some of the most advanced health programs available in the state. When the medical community indicates a training need, Mary helps develop programs to meet those needs. Such programs include Phlebotomy, Medical Coding and Billing, and Introduction to IV Therapy, among many others.

Mary has been with Central Piedmont Community College since 1991 when she worked part-time as an instructor. Mary became a full-time employee in 1994 and has served as Division Director for Health and Community Services and more recently as a member of the nursing faculty. Much of her time has been spent with local health agencies to build strong and trusting relationships and to remain current with the latest trends in medicine. One of many benefits of having a relationship with agencies in the community is that it allows students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in their field of study through internships. Mary also monitors programs to ensure that they meet state and national standards.

Mary is highly respected by the local medical community as well as her colleagues at CPCC. Kathie Cox, a Program Assistant in the CCE/Health and Community Services Program, admires Mary’s constant energy and dedication to students. She states that Mary is always willing to go the extra mile for our students and faculty. Kathie says it best: “Mary is truly a bright Learning Star.”