Anne McIntosh


Anne McIntosh, a communication instructor, is our first CPCC Learning Fellow. The Learning Fellows program is designed to enhance learning by providing faculty with opportunities to pursue research with a clear benefit to the College. Anne will be examining marital satisfaction and communication behavior using psychometric measures and follow-up self-report E-questions on deaf-hearing couples in America and Canada. Some of these married couples were studied more than 10 years ago while other couples will be examined for the first time. Anne will be exploring the notion of “set points” of happiness and preconceived ideas of what communication would be like in these marriages in an attempt to better understand and describe marital communication theory.

Anne is an enthusiastic and energetic advocate for students and for the learning process. She personalized her classes by providing opportunities for students to reflect on and analyze their own communication skills then guides them in supportive ways to improve their skill level. She also lets students know that although she is the “instructor” in the classroom, she will always be a student of the communication discipline. This helps create an atmosphere where student and instructor are co-learners, sharing insights, readings, and research.