Andrea June

andreajune.JPGProfile: Andrea June works at the North Campus for the American Academy of Applied Forensics as Program Assistant. Dale Callan nominated Andrea for the Spotlight on Learning Star stating that Andrea is extremely knowledgeable with budgets and sets a benchmark for her professionalism and ability to multi-task. It’s the day in and day out responsibilities that Andrea performs with grace and humor that allows their program to run efficiently. Andrea has an impressive work ethic and is able to comfortably interact with a diverse population.

Dale adds that Andrea is a very dedicated employee. She is always available to assist and train others, and is more than willing to work extra hours in order to complete a job. Her knowledge of the college systems, budgets, computers, and equipment are an asset to the development of other employees. Andrea assists all students, faculty and staff in the same polite, outgoing, and friendly manner day after day.

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