Eyes on You Award - Spring 2007

CPCC wants to recognize those College employees who are making special efforts in the Learning College initiative and so the College has created a new award. The purpose of the “Eyes on You” Learning Award is to identify employees who expand and enhance learning and who demonstrate that their efforts make a difference. A unique aspect of this award is the peer recommendation process. Twenty-five college employees are randomly selected each semester to serve on the nominating committee.

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Barry Gilmore

Diana Lorza was nominated by Fred Tone. He described her as “unassuming and friendly,” always working to meet the needs of students and instructors. He was especially impressed with her ability to successfully navigate the hiring process for new faculty. He said that she had made what was previously a complicated and difficult process, run smoothly and efficiently. Fred told the committee about her personal commitment to lifelong learning, taking three courses each semester in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree. He said that the department was a much better place to work because of her efforts.

Harriet Johnson was nominated by Retha Hall, who spoke of Harriet’s selfless devotion to students with disabilities. Harriet has helped moved the College forward in terms of making our services more accessible to all students. She recognizes that “it takes a village” and has a wonderfully collaborative spirit. She is quick to share her knowledge and expertise so that we are all better able to assist students. Harriet has a calm and reassuring nature which positively influences her work with students with disabilities.

Tom Hollis was nominated by Linda White. Tom juggles responsibilities for teaching, advising, and theater productions with apparent ease. He manages to show great compassion and patience as he works with students, actors, and would-be actors. Tom is able to work across organizational lines, at CPCC and in the larger Charlotte community, in order to accomplish his goals. He does a wonderful job in representing the College.

Linda Jones was nominated by Ruth Huey who described her as inclusive and collaborative. Linda has developed numerous programs and activities that really make a difference to our students and staff. She has responsibility for overseeing the child care fund which provides support for students needing child care. Ruth said that Linda was a first rate problem-solver. Linda breaks down barriers for our students and helps them to see possibilities for success.
was nominated by Reggie Pincham. How do you appropriately acknowledge someone who has brought the school events such as The Toilet Bowl, Johnny Appleseed Day, April Food Day, and The Geek Fest? Barry approaches everything he does with enthusiasm and creativity. He is a strong student advocate, providing support but always challenging them to stretch their abilities. Reggie spoke glowingly about how he has helped create a sense of community at the Levine Campus. Barry really cares about the College and especially about our students. He it is an inspiration to everyone.


Mark Helms was nominated by David Brown. David praised Mark as a servant leader - one who leads by example and empowers others. He specifically mentioned Mark’s work in developing the Service-Learning program and how he had been able to cross reporting lines to garner support from across the College. Much of what Mark has accomplished can be explained by the level of trust he has earned among his colleagues. Mark keeps his focus on what is good for students.

Ben Brockman was nominated by Amanda Capobianchi. She described him as very professional, approachable, and student- centered. Amanda was particularly impressed by Ben’s willingness to “go the extra mile” to make things run smoothly for students. For example, Ben stationed himself at a closed parking lot to help redirect students instead of just posting a sign, and does things such as chase down students to tell them that they left their lights on. That goes well beyond managing parking; it shows a level of concern and respect for people that is an example for us all.

Doug Norwood was nominated by Dale Callan who praised Doug’s professionalism, dedication, and organizational skills. His work in developing new courses and in converting some existing courses to an online format helped make the program more relevant and more accessible to students. Doug is collaborative and supportive. His openness to feedback and his interest in continuous improvement are much appreciated by his colleagues.

Jerri Haigler was nominated by Linda Thompson. Linda praised Jerri’s ability to take time to do the “little things,” things that make the people in her department feel valued and affirmed. Jerri recognizes the value and power of collaboration and models that belief. She has set a high standard for those around her. However, she also provides the support and resources needed to help them get there.

Laura Temples was nominated by Ian Brice. He said that Laura was instrumental in implementing significant improvements with the Colleague system. He described her as collaborative, responsive, and genuinely enthusiastic about her work. Laura is a lifelong learner, constantly working to update her skills. She is supremely competent and many have come to depend on her and her expertise.

Lindsey Embrey was nominated by Karen Verryt. She described him as a champion for low income and socially challenged individuals. He has taken the Pathways program to a level of national recognition by working collaboratively with departments across the College and in the larger community. Not only has he helped move the program to a new level of excellence, he has willingly shared his expertise with others through publications and workshops.

Lockwood Ray was nominated by Victor Jones. Lockwood has been proactive in developing emergency plans at the Cato Campus. He accomplished this through collaboration and genuine concern for all those who work and go to school at Cato. Lockwood has a passion for his job and goes out of his way to ensure everyone’s safety. Everyone at Cato appreciates what he does to keep them informed and to solicit their input. He is responsive to the needs of all those who work, study, or visit the campus. He works to keep people safe, but does so in a way that invites cooperation.

Teresa Hall was nominated by Linda Dunham. As a teacher, Teresa always places the needs of the students first. She generously shares her strategies to help students understand the material and more fully engage in class activities. Teresa devotes a great deal of time and effort to improve the quality of her classes. She is conscientious and open to feedback. Teaching, for Teresa, is all about helping students learn the important and powerful concepts of the discipline and to question what it all means.

Terri Ashcraft was nominated by Eddie Howell. Eddie was very complimentary of her contributions to the College, describing her as responsive and dedicated. Terri is a team-player and works well with diverse groups of people. She was able to “run interference” with outside agencies so that the landscaping to the entrance of Cato could be completed in a timely manner. Terri handles competing priorities with without getting flustered. Eddie thinks we need 100 employees just like Terri.