Eyes on You Award - Spring08


Spring 2008 Winners

Hugh Dussek was nominated by Steve Gore who described Hugh080807FallForum028.jpg as humble, gentle, and an absolutely wonderful human being and history teacher. Steve says that students really appreciate the enthusiasm and genuine concern Hugh brings to the classroom. Hugh has the ability to bring history to life for his students. Steve told the committee about all that Hugh has done with the Rosedale Plantation, service learning, and Arts Fest. All committee members agreed that in the relatively short time Hugh has been at the College, he has truly made difference in the lives of his students.

080807FallForum033.jpgJJ McEachern was nominated by both Lesley Shroyer and Andrea Abercrombie which is the first time one person has been separately nominated by two people at the same meeting. Both described JJ’s positive attitude and ability to relate to students. JJ’s collaborative nature has helped forge partnerships across the College. People understand that JJ’s “bottom line” is always “what is best for the students”. JJ not only talks about being student centered, but also models that in his work at CPCC.

Cheryl Johnson was nominated by Bill Heitman who described080807FallForum037.jpg Cheryl as a focused overachiever and someone who always accepts a challenge with a “can do” spirit. Bill said that when Cheryl was first hired in CCE, everyone was amazed by her ability to get things done in a timely and extremely professional manner. Cheryl was also described as a self-starter and a lifelong learner who eagerly shares what she has learned with others. Cheryl’s CCE colleagues appreciate what she has done for their students and the College community.

Sharon Gay was nomina080807FallForum042.jpgted by Melissa Vrana who described Sharon as compassionate, empathic, knowledgeable, and collaborative. Melissa especially complimented Sharon’s ability to handle difficult situations with students. Sharon is always fair and caring. Sharon is considered a “go to” person for all budgetary questions. In her unassuming way, Sharon works to make the people to whom she reports look good. Sharon works quietly behind the scenes and makes things in the office work smoothly and efficiently.

Mike Hinson was nominated by Lisa Ware who describ080807FallForum046.jpged Mike as the ultimate “go to” employee at CPCC, because he treats every task as if it were the only thing he had to do. Lisa said that Mike is responsive and thorough. He is open to feedback and has a generous nature. Mike has ability to translate a technical problem into language that everyone can understand.



Mary Karriker was nominated by Lynne Kilgore who described her as a phenomenal “workhorse” and tireless advocate for high quality design. According to Lynne, Mary is willing to jump in and work alongside her teammates to get the job done – no matter what it takes. Mary has found just the right balance of personal leadership and collaboration to inspire her team. Her colleagues appreciate her collegial spirit and vision for the department.

Karen Youngman
was nominated by Laura Beam who described Karen’s amazing ability to create linguistic common ground for those trying to learn the English language. Karen’s students have described her as “professional, compassionate, patient, and someone who makes learning easy”. Karen mentors other faculty and is a dedicated teacher and a lifelong learner. Karen’s willingness to reach out to students at all skill levels is much appreciated by her colleagues.

Lula Andrews was nominated by Anne Egger who described Lula as having “competent and confident” hands. Anne complimented Lula for doing little “extras” that make working with her such a special treat. Lula has a positive attitude that is contagious and makes working in the library a more positive and pleasant experience for both colleagues and students.

Florence Patterson was nominated by Al Hunter who described Florence as a helpful and considerate supervisor. Florence finds creative and interesting ways to get the job done. Al says that students refer to her as “the Principal” because she is fair, firm, and consistent when dealing with students. Florence is student-centered and focused on what can needs to be done to help the student. This has earned her the respect of both students and her colleagues at CPCC.

Sara Graham was nominated by Betty Granger who applauds Sara’s passion for the job and genuine concern for students. Betty shared with the committee several stories about the personal attention Sara gives students and the supportive work environment she creates. Sara helps students develop their leadership skills through “hands on” involvement and is a tireless advocate for students who are disadvantaged in some way.

Zelma Goode was nominated by Kristen Monteith who described Zelma as dedicated, gracious, patient, and positive. Kristen added that Zelma is very open to feedback in her quest for professional excellence. Faculty members have said that Zelma is the “pulse” of the Early Childhood Program, and students know that they can go to her for answers. Zelma’s unique ability to really listen to each question and respond with concern and compassion has made her a favorite within the department.

Donna Ward was nominated by Tracie Clark who described Donna as someone who is able to effectively handle issue with students, faculty, and staff - all at the same time. Donna is student focused and will dig until she finds the correct answer to even the most obscure questions. Donna keeps part-time faculty well informed and is a valued member of the Arts and Communication Division.