Eyes on You Award - Spring 2006

CPCC wants to recognize those College employees who are making special efforts in the Learning College initiative and so the College has created a new award. The purpose of the “Eyes on You” Learning Award is to identify employees who expand and enhance learning and who demonstrate that their efforts make a difference. A unique aspect of this award is the peer recommendation process. Twenty-five college employees are randomly selected each semester to serve on the nominating committee.

At the August 11 forum, Dr. Zeiss announced the five winners of the “Eyes on You” Learning Award. Each winner will receive a framed certificate and a check for $100 from the CPCC Foundation.


WolfFA2006.jpgCheryl Wolf was nominated by Jane Lavin because of the professionalism, dedication, and passion that she displays for her work. Cheryl is described as a visionary who is always one step ahead of others in finding innovative ways to help students learn. Cheryl has developed partnerships with the dental community and has earned a national reputation as an educational consultant. Cheryl exemplifies a spirit of service and commitment to CPCC, her students, and the dental field.

Vann Branch was nominated by Michael Matlock, who described Vann as an exemplary counselor and professional. Vann is generous, empathetic, and compassionate, and has the unique ability of providing the right balance of challenge and support in her work with students. Her dedication and selflessness have earned her the respect of everyone at the West Campus. Vann was also praised for her innovative student programming and her almost magical ability to find resources where none exist.

GoreFA2006.jpgSteve Gore was nominated by Mary Collin who described him as a caring professional. She commented that Steve is a challenger, pushing students beyond their comfort zones by helping them gain confidence and take risks that make them better students and better people. Steve was also described as a “servant leader” who sets an example and encourages students academically, socially, and morally.

Cory McKnight was nominated by Percell Hobbs McKnightFA2006.jpgbecause of his collaborative spirit. He specifically mentioned the help Cory provided to various departments in preparation for the Colleague conversion. Cory’s assistance in developing the online appointment process for Counseling & Advising helped that department become more efficient. Percell also commented on Cory’s patience in working with students and staff.

Ina Davenport was nominated by Maha Gingrich because of her willingness to take on every challenge the College has ever presented to her. Ina stepped in when the Nursing and Human Services Division was in dire need of secretarial assistance and she filled a critical role. Maha also mentioned Ina’s commitment to the College as evidenced by her presence at work, even in the face of personal tragedy. Ina was described as dedicated, compassionate, and a person who makes both students and faculty feel respected and valued.