Eyes on You Award - Fall 2007

Eyes on You Winners

Fall 2007

margie.jpgMarjorie Foxx was nominated by Tony Jones who praised her helpful nature and her warm smile. As the first person many people see when they come to CPCC, Marjorie plays a key role in making students feel comfortable and confident. Tony said that she does that and much more. Her tenure with the College has given her a wealth of knowledge that she willingly shares with students and with colleagues. Marjorie was also recognized for her patience and collaborative spirit. She has added a touch of “home” to the Student Success Center by making birthday cards and bringing in home-baked goodies, and is a favorite among her colleagues.

Marty Long was nominated by Kevan Weaver who described her as amarty.jpg mentor and a nurturer. He said that Marty is the consummate professional, keeping current in her field, using technology to enhance student learning, and sharing her expertise with colleagues. Marty’s co-workers have long noted her dedication to students and praised her practice of “going above and beyond” to help students get what they need. She is much appreciated in her department and by her friends.

kathy.jpgKathy Watkins was nominated by Linda Brownshield. Linda said that Kathy exemplifies the very essence of the Learning College philosophy in that she is responsive to the learners and willing to share her expertise. Her enthusiasm and collaborative spirit have inspired those who work with her. Kathy is one of those rare leaders who arouse cooperation and dedication to the cause. Kathy’s enthusiasm is contagious. She believes in what she is doing and doesn’t mind telling everyone why what she is doing is important.

adam.jpgAdam Brooks was nominated by Ann Askut who described him as a leader in the implementation of technology to improve course design and delivery. Adam’s patience and positive attitude are much appreciated by faculty. Ann also mentioned Adam’s work on establishing “The Geek Fest,” suggesting that his creativity and initiative have helped make this event such a success. Ann also admires his commitment to life-long learning. Adam has successfully balanced a full-time job, family, and school and is planning to continue his education.

bill.jpgBill Rooks was nominated by Meera Vora who stated that he is a “favorite” among employees working in the Central High building. Bill has worked hard to make Central High an attractive and welcoming building. People in Central High feel that Bill has taken a personal responsibility for the building. Meera also praised Bill’s approach to problem solving – bringing in the end user to make sure that solutions work for everyone. Bill is a lifelong learner who is always willing to share his expertise with others.



Eyes on You Nominees

Fall 2007

Betty Baker was nominated by Melodee Rimland who described Betty as one of the “unsung heroes” at Levine Campus; the one who does things behind the scenes to ensure that everything goes smoothly. She praised Betty’s responsiveness and her follow-through. She said that Betty’s calm demeanor and unflappable nature were tremendous assets to the Levine Campus and the College. The Levine Campus family values Betty’s contributions and appreciates all that she does to assist students, colleagues, and the community.

Mary McCurry was nominated by Teresa Caesar who described Mary’s yoga classes as peaceful and restorative. Teresa said that Mary has a unique ability to help people find balance, if only for the length of the class. Mary was praised for her work with children in the CMS system. Mary is very generous with her time and expertise.


Barbara Whitt was nominated by Karen Williams who said that Barbara is consistently professional and thorough in all that she does. Karen praised her patience and generosity. Barbara is supportive and quick to lend a hand to help her colleagues improve the quality of their classes. Karen also mentioned that Barbara consistently receives accolades from students and colleagues for the quality of her online classes. Her collaborative spirit is recognized and is much appreciated.

Valerie Hill was nominated by Linda Guthrie who described her as one of the true heroes at CPCC. Linda credits Valerie with having improved the accuracy of the paperwork completed by program areas in CCE, thus saving the College money and time. Her organizational skills have made the process of getting courses from “idea to online” much smoother. Linda also applauded her positive attitude. Valerie is self-motivated and conscientious and does it all smoothly and without fanfare.

Suzanne Marcoux was nominated by Ilia Lively who praised Suzanne’s willingness to take on additional responsibilities in order to meet the needs of the department and her students. She specifically mentioned Suzanne’s work in developing an online French course. Suzanne was also recognized for her concern for her students. Ilia shared with the committee that she has arranged her office hours so that students could come by with questions or concerns. The fact that Suzanne did this, although office hours are not required of part-time instructors, really impressed the group

Michael Matlock was nominated by Hollis Adkins who described his leadership skills as critical to the “family” atmosphere that exists at Harris Campus. She was so moved by his generosity, specifically mentioning Michael’s efforts to raise money to purchase a bicycle for one of the housekeeping staff. No job is too small or too trivial for Michael. He goes out of his way to make everyone else’s job easier. His dedication to the College is much appreciated by his colleagues at the Harris Campus.

Renee Cheezem was nominated by Lara Beninca who described her as a versatile and dedicated employee. She was especially impressed with Renee’s efforts to support the Learning College initiative, incorporating innovative ideas on learning styles and online learning into her classes to help her students improve their language skills. Renee is an effective and tireless advocate for her students. Lara said that Renee has true spirit and is always willing to share her technological expertise with both students and faculty.

Eileen Woodward was nominated by Catherine Felton who described her as a “go-to resource for teaching excellence.” Eileen serves on the Advisement Management Team and the General Education Committee and has gone out of her way to make sure that her colleagues understand the purpose of these committees and their value to student learning. Eileen recently developed a new course entitled, The Civil War. She is not satisfied with the status quo and is constantly looking for ways to improve the learning environment for students.

Sandi Whitmire was nominated by Suzanne Williams. She praised Sandi’s skill in working with Datatel, suggesting that she was the one on whom others relied for advice and training. Sandi consistently provides outstanding service to students and faculty, often going above and beyond what one might normally expect. Sandi takes it upon herself to make sure that students get what they need; none of this “it’s not my job” for Sandi. Her willingness to learn more about the College in order to better inform students is recognized and appreciated.