Eyes on You Award - Fall 2006

CPCC wants to recognize those College employees who are making special efforts in the Learning College initiative and so the College has created a new award. The purpose of the “Eyes on You” Learning Award is to identify employees who expand and enhance learning and who demonstrate that their efforts make a difference. A unique aspect of this award is the peer recommendation process. Twenty-five college employees are randomly selected each semester to serve on the nominating committee.


stanmoore.jpgStan Moore was nominated by Cedric Steele who shared with the committee how Stan leads by example and inspires his cadets to become better students and better citizens. Stan’s high standards challenge students to accept only the best from themselves. With such a high level of achievement, it is not surprising that the program boasts a 100% pass rate on the state exam. Cedric also mentioned how Stan maintained contact with the department even when he was called to active duty in the military. He did this in order to ensure continuity of instruction for students in the program.

Tracy Moore was nominated by Rose Gregory because of his extraordinary energy and enthusiasm for student success. Tracy was described as the quintessential “multi-tasker,” working with students, faculty, staff and community members – often at the same time. Rose was especially complimentary of Tracy’s ability to seize a “teachable moment” to help students better understand the complexities and demands of the learning environment.

toddkoontz.jpgTodd Koonts was nominated by Glenn Simpkins because of the energy and enthusiasm Todd has brought to developing the Information Systems Security Program at CPCC. Todd has provided leadership in the adoption of new technologies and teaching tools within the IT Division. He is also willing to share what he knows with others. Glenn was especially complimentary of Todd’s ability to take complicated and complex material and present it to students in a way that they can understand.

Tommy Lopez was nomintommylopez.jpgated by Cheryl Roberts. Tommy is patient and has a wonderfully supportive attitude. Cheryl was especially complimentary about the way Tommy is able to offer authentic learning experiences for his students. She described it this way, “His patience and empathy provide the type of safe learning environment that students of all ages need to help them realize their full potential.” Tommy is always willing to collaborate, but he can also take charge and champion a cause when appropriate. Tommy is a lifelong learner and encourages his students and coworkers to do the same.

lindathompson.jpgLinda Thompson was nominated by Richard McDevitt who praised Linda for her dedication and thoughtfulness. Having Linda in the office makes it a better day for everyone. Richard described how she handles the responsibilities for two positions without complaint. Her attitude of “helping anyway you can” has not gone unnoticed and is much appreciated by everyone in Marketing Services. Linda also takes the time to mentor her co-op students. By modeling a can-do attitude and professionalism, she helps our student workers understand the highest levels of customer service.




Joanna Nicholson was nominated by Carol Begley because of her ongoing advocacy for the PTA program and her students. Joanna has done a wonderful job creating learning opportunities for students through her work in the Charlotte community. Joanna was described as the consummate professional who is a role model for students and an exemplary practitioner.

Angelica Magana was nominated by Dana Bidgood because of her positive attitude and willingness to help students, especially our Hispanic students who may have difficulty getting what they need. Dana shared how Angelica balances work with attending class full-time without showing any outward signs of stress. Angelica was described as a shining example of outstanding service to our students. The assistance that she provides our students helps them feel valued. She has certainly impressed her co-workers with the way she represents CPCC to our students and community.

Don Jessup was nominated by Jeff Wyco for his dedication to teaching and for the high standards he has set for students. Jeff said that Don instills a sense of discipline and responsibility in his students. One of the greatest compliments for an instructor is to know that they have made a difference in the lives of their students. According to Jeff, Don makes a difference every day in the classroom. In fact, one of Don’s former students described him as an engaging, tough, fair, and knowledgeable instructor who helped him survive in an engineering environment.

Donna Mackey was nominated by Gladys Bolden who spoke in glowing terms about Donna’s efforts to assist our students navigate the admission and registration processes at the College. She said that Donna has the unique ability to make the person with whom she is working feel that they are the most important person in line – and that she does that for everyone. Gladys also praised her skills in balancing work, school, and family. Donna was described as a lifelong learner who is always willing to share what she has learned.

JJ McEachern was nominated by Kelly Grahl because of his student-centered approach to everything he does at the College. Kelly praised the support and encouragement that JJ provides to his employees, especially for employees who plan to continue their education. JJ was described as someone who allows people to grow and develop, offering just the right amount of challenge and support.

Pat Adams was nominated by Arlenia Grant. Pat was described as patient, kind, and generous with her time and energy. Arlenia praised Pat’s ability to work effectively as a team member while maintaining focus and drive. Pat’s interest in placing the needs of students first was a significant factor in her recommendation. Pat has worked tirelessly to fund projects, workshops, and training opportunities that help our students and employees improve their learning experiences.

Kelly Webb was nominated by Bert Pike because of her openness to new ideas and her proactive attitude. Kelly is able to “read” an audience and adjust her teaching to best meet the needs of students. Bert also talked about Kelly’s focus on continuous improvement and her interest in personal development. Kelly’s collaborative spirit has been noticed and is much appreciated by those who work with her.

Steve Corriher was nominated by Renata Ashe-Warren who described him as a compassionate professional. She spoke of his sensitivity to non-English speakers who express an interest in careers in the construction field. He has even started offering carpentry classes in Spanish. Steve has worked hard to learn our new advising system so that he could properly assist his students. Steve was described as a lifelong learner who stays current in the field, but who is also willing to share what he has learned with others.