How to Burn an ISO Image

To burn an ISO image, you must have a CD burner and CD burning software. The two most popular are Nero: the Burning ROM and Roxio’s Easy CD Creator. Many CD burners already come with one of these programs.

Under Nero:
  1. Launch Nero
  2. Select “Disc Image or Saved Project” option
  3. Set the “Files of Type” box to “Image Files (*.nrg, *.iso, *.cue)”
  4. Find the ISO image you want to burn to a disk, and press the “Open” button
  5. Select the “Write Speed” and “Number of Copies”
  6. Insert a blank CD in to the burner, and press the “Burn” button
  7. When the burning process is complete, press the “Finish” button

Under Easy CD Creator:
  1. Launch Easy CD Creator from your desktop
  2. Click on the “Creator Classic” icon under “Applications”
  3. Insert a blank CD into your CD burner
  4. Choose the “File” menu and select “Record Disc From Image…”
  5. Navigate to the ISO image in the “Burn from Disc Image File…” and press the “Open” button
  6. In the “Roxio Creator Classic-Burn Progress” window, press the “Burn” button.