Blackboard Technical Requirements



To access Blackboard, your computer need only support one or more of the compatible browsers listed below.


The following web browsers are supported by Blackboard:

Browser Settings

  • Security Level - set at Medium (Internet Explorer only)

  • Accept all cookies (How to Enable Cookies)

  • Enable JavaScript

  • Enable Java (if using Chat or Virtual Classroom)


To view or access course content, you may need one or more of the following, depending on the type of content posted in the course:

  • Microsoft Word viewer is recommended as faculty members frequently use Word for their course documents (free download)

  • PowerPoint viewer for PowerPoint presentations (free download)

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF files (free download)

  • Adobe Flash Player for Adobe Flash content (free download)

  • Java Plug-in - required for Chat or Virtual Classroom.  JRE version 7 is recommended. There are compatibility problems with Java 7 and the Google Chrome browser on Mac OS X, so users may need to use Firefox or Safari.  (free download)