Moodle FAQs/Tips

Q. Can students self un-enroll from the course?
A. This feature has been disabled within Moodle and students will not be able to un-enroll themselves from the course. This was causing some problems when students self un-enroll from the course and the grades disappeared from the gradebook.

Q. How can I prevent students from self -enrolling into a course?
A. After the start of the semester, when your courses are automatically batch enrolled and updated through the ITS snapshot process, you can limit students from self-enrolling in your course. In the Administration block, click on Settings. Create an "Enrollment Key" word or phrase. Students who are already in the class will be exempt from the enrollment key requirement; however, any new student wanting to get into the class for the FIRST TIME will need to supply this word or phrase.

Q. Within Moodle, how do I send an email to the whole class?
A. The best way is to use the News forum. Simply make sure the forum is set so that "everyone is subscribed", and then post a message there.

Q. The course that I am teaching has two teachers, can we use the forums between us?
A. You can keep notes to yourself in the private "Teacher's Forum" (under Administration). This is especially useful when team teaching.