College Responsibilities

Facilities Services Department

Responsible for vehicle maintenance of motor pool vehicles and department assigned vehicles.

  • The college will maintain current records regarding maintenance on all college-owned vehicles.
  • Each college-owned vehicle will have a current insurance policy card displayed for easy access.
  • Each college-owned vehicle will have a current informational guide for reporting accidents displayed for easy access.
  • Each Facilities Services vehicle will have a GPS unit installed and the accurate current steward driver assigned in the GPS database.  Note: Send all requested changes on the GPS database to Leigh Owens for editing changes and updates.
  • Each Facilities Services vehicle will have Permanent Decals in place on both sides of vehicle (consult Al Hunter or Leigh Owens for any requested exceptions)
  • Each Facilities Services vehicle will have the CPCC-numbering scheme on the rear of the vehicle.


Occupational Health & Safety Department

Responsible for the Safety Program which will include in its overall safety program a driver-training module on an annual basis.  Also responsible for any driver re-training as necessary.


Financial Services/Insurance Department

  • Maintaining in-house files on potential employee drivers
  • Processing of DMV checks through insurance provider
  • Processing of claims
  • Handling copies of documentation
  • Add/Delete vehicles to college insurance policies - State or Non-State
  • Audit Insurance records with Inventory Control records annually
  • Distribute Insurance ID Cards as they relate to renewals



The Department that purchases the vehicle is responsible for the accurate Titling, DMV registration and obtaining license plate from the NC DMV.

  • Create requisition to purchase vehicle
  • Complete title request for DMV
  • Acquire proper license plate from DMV


  • Annual renewal of vehicle registration unless vehicle has permanent registration certificate
  • Annual payment of property taxes or other fees associated with each vehicle


1. Vehicles to be used for instruction purposes and purchased with state funds should be titled as follows:

  • State Board of Community Colleges - 818             
  • %CPCC
  • 5013 Mail Service Center
  • Office Location 258E
  • Raleigh, NC 27699-5013

         Mecklenburg County should be listed on registration form (Not Wake).

         Recommend using DMV at the Brookshire Blvd location and request they use the correct CODE for STATE VEHICLES.


2. Vehicles to be used in the operation of the college purchased with non-state funds should be titled as follows:

  • Central Piedmont Community College
  • PO Box 35009
  • Charlotte, 28235-5009


Vehicle Title Storage

State Titled Vehicles

  • The State keeps the original Vehicle Title
  • Connie Laliberte keeps a copy of the Vehicle title in CPCC's safety deposit box at the bank
  • Individual Departments keep a copy for their records
  • Insurance Department keeps a copy for insurance records
  • Inventory Control keeps copy for their records

 County Titled Vehicles

  • The original vehicle title is sent to Connie Laliberte for storage in CPCC's safety deposit box at the bank
  • Copy of vehicle title for Inventory Control records
  • Send copy of vehicle title and vehicle registration to Insurance Department for audit purposes