CPCC Launches Futures Institute

Innovation has always been a byword at Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC). Early in its history the college joined a consortium of two-year colleges called the League for Innovation in the Community College. Today, the college is making innovation a specialty with the introduction of the Futures Institute, a college unit that will scan the environment, monitor trends, and keep the college focused on innovation and the future.

The leader of the Futures Institute is Dr. Rod Townley, formerly dean of CPCC's Harper Campus. According to Townley,

" The pace of change in the 21st century continues to accelerate and present our college and our community with unprecedented opportunities and challenges. As we scan the horizon, we see dramatic shifts in demographics, quantum leaps in technological innovation, and fundamental changes in manufacturing and health care that drive our evolution toward an information society. I am very excited about the opportunity to help position the College to remain a vital force in these times of great change. "

Initiatives from the institute will be interdisciplinary, revenue generating, and further the mission of the college. Initiatives will generally fall into one or more of the following categories:

New multidisciplinary instructional programs, credit and noncredit
New technologies and new applications of current technologies applied to institutional problems
New teaching methodologies and pedagogies
New technologies to improve learning in the classroom and at a distance
New leadership and managerial modalities to create a better working conditions for the college's employees
New student services practices
These initiatives will be undertaken as a result of trend analysis in variety of fields, research, strategic partnerships in the community and with other colleges, and college self-assessment.

Futures Institute initiatives currently in process or under consideration include the following:

Geospatial Training Center
Simulation and Gaming
Center for Information Assurance (Security)
e-Portfolio Project for students, faculty and staff
Bioinformatics and high performance computing
For more information, contact Dr. Rod Townley at 704.330.6427 or email rod.townley@cpcc.edu