Chapter 6 Review

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Breaking Through, 9th edition. Chapter 6 Review

Are you familiar with annotating? Do you know when to annotate? Do you know how to annotate? Have you annotated using several notations suggested in the chapter?

Can you create an outline? Do you know the set up of an outline? Have you noticed how the numbers, letters, and indentations show the importance of an idea? Do you know when to outline?

Can you write a summary?
Are you able to recognize the key ideas in the text that you want to include in your summary?
Are you able to begin your summary with a general statement that unites the key ideas?
Are you able to delete irrelevant or trivial information from your summary?
Are you able to use your own words to show your understanding of the material.

Do you know how to create a visual map? Do you know how to condense information and material to show relationships? Do you know when to map?

Can you answer the following questions about the longer selections in Chapter 6?

“Eye Communication”

Are you familiar with all of the italicized words from this selection?
Do you know what eye communication represents in other cultures?
Do you know the several important functions of eye contact?
What does eye avoidance signal?
What does pupil dilation?
What does pupil dilation reveal?

Do you know the meaning of the vocabulary words contained in the vocabulary exercises following the reading selection "Eye Communication"?