Chapter 4


RED 090
Bridging The Gap, 11th ed. Chapter 4 Review

1. Be familiar with the information contained in the chapter about topics, main ideas,
    major details, and minor details.
2. How do you determine a topic?
3. What is included in specific details?
4. What is the most reading skill?
5. What other terms are used to express the concept - main idea?
6. What impact does prior knowledge have on constructing the main idea?
7. Know the order of the steps used in questioning for the main idea used by a reader that
    is familiar with the material and by a reader that is unfamiliar with the material.
8. What impact does a stated main idea or implied main idea have on the readability of a
    piece of writing?
9. Be able select the best title (topic) and gist (main idea) for a paragraph.
10. Be able to identify the topic, main idea, major details, and minor details in a piece of
11. What should a summary demonstrate?
12. You will be asked to write a Topic and a Main Idea Sentence/Topic Sentence (and
      identify the Pattern of Organization - Chapter 5) for five paragraphs or passages.