Chapter 3 Review

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Breaking Through, 9th ed. Chapter 3 Review

1. Do you understand what we mean by unlocking the meanings of words using context clues, word parts, the dictionary, and the glossary?

2. Have you practiced attacking unfamiliar words using context clues in Exercises 1-6, pgs. 83-89?

3. Have you thought about the multiple meanings of the words in Exercise 7, pg.90?

4. Do you know the meanings of all the word parts mentioned in Exercises 8—10, pgs. 91-95?

5. Have you studied the information about the dictionary and finished Exercise 11, pg. 95-98?

6. Do you understand how to find information about words origins in a dictionary entry? What does etymology mean? Have you done Exercise 12, pg. 99-100?

7. Do you know how to use a textbook glossary, and have you completed Exercise 13, pg. 100-102?

8. Do you know who published the first thesaurus? Where did it get its name? What is the purpose of a thesaurus, and how do you use it? Have you completed Exercise 14, pg.102-104?

9. Do you know how to solve analogies? Have you finished Exercise 15, pg. 104-106? You should be able to recognize these relationships:
Synonyms, Characteristics and Descriptions
Antonyms, Degree
Function, use or purpose Part to whole
Classification, Cause and effect

10. Can you use the correct spelling of easily confused words on page 107, and have you finished Exercise 16, pg. 106-107?