Chapter 3



1. You should be able to apply the three stages of reading to a reading passage that you
    have not seen before. The three stages include the following:
a. Applying the steps in the Preview Stage to a series of questions - Stage 1
b. Identifying and naming all five steps in the Integrate Knowledge Stage: preview,
    picture, relate, monitor, and fix-up/correct then writing your thoughts for each step
    between the lines and in the margins of the passage- Stage 2
c. Identifying and writing the correct topic and significant supporting details of a reading
    passage, as well as, stating a related idea, and reaction to a reading passage in a recall
    diagram - Stage 3.

2.  Make sure that you have read the reading selection "Madam C.J. Walker: Business Savvy To Generous Philanthropy".
3.  Know the correct meanings of all the vocabulary words in the vocabulary exercise following the longer selection "Madam C.J. Walker: Business Savvy To Generous Philanthropy".
4.  Do you understand the key business terms and how they relate to the reading selection?
5.  Do you know the main idea of the reading selection?
6.  Are you sure about what type of business Madam C.J. Walker had that made her so successful?
7.  Do you know Madam C.J. Walker's attitude about creating your own success in life?