Chapter 2 Review

RED 080

Breaking Through, 9th ed. Chapter 2 Review

Can you use three stages to read textbook material?
Do you know how to preview (stage one)? You will have a chance to do it on the test.
Have you practiced writing your thoughts in the integrating knowledge stage (stage two)? You will do this on the test.
Have you practiced writing a summary for the recall stage (stage three)? You will be asked to write one on the test.

Do you know why it is important to have a visual overview of a chapter?Do you know why experts encourage the "recall" stage?

Can you identify the following terms and phrases?
signposts for previewing

Are you familiar with the vocabulary words from the reading selection "Improved Eating for the College Student"?

Are you able to answer questions about selection 1: "Improved Eating for the College Student"?

1. Do you know about how fast foods affects your body?

2. Do you have food allergies? Do you know how food allergies affect children and adults?
3. What do you know about organic foods? Are they healthier than other food?
4. How do antioxidants work? 
5. What healthful choices could ou make at a fast-food restaurant?