Chapter 2



1. When learning new words, what strategies will produce long term memorization?
2. What are context clues and why do you use context words? Be able to identify and 
     name the context clues listed in Ch. 2. Be able to use context clues to unlock the
     meaning of words.
3. What are the three word parts that form new words? How do prefixes and suffixes
    change the root of a word?
4. What is contained in a dictionary? Be able to interact with and use the parts of a
5. What is a thesaurus, and who uses a thesaurus?
6. What do analogies call upon you to do? Be able to determine the
    categories/relationships of analogies to finish a series of
7. What is contained in a glossary? What is a term used to identify the specific
    language used in each college subject?
8. What is an acronym? How is an acronym formed? Be able to identify acronyms.
9. What do transitional words do? Know which transitional words and phrases are

    appropriate for certain situations.