Chapter 12



1.  Can being testwise improve your score?
Strategies for Mental and Physical Preparation
1. Describe six mental and physical awareness strategies that are important before taking
a test.
2. Describe six strategies that are important to use during a test.
3. What should be analyzed after a test?

Strategies for Standardized Reading Tests
1. Describe the strategies recommended for taking standardized reading tests.
2. Be able to recognize major question types (main idea, details, implied meaning,
purpose, and vocabulary).

Strategies for Content Area Exams
1.  What are multiple-choice, true-false, or matching items on a content area exam written to evaluate?
2.  Why do professors ask short answer questions?
3.  List and explain strategies that can help you respond effectively to essay questions.
4.  Be familiar with locus of control.
 Writing Prompt
You will be asked to write one paragraph on a writing prompt that will be provided to you. Your paragraph will need to be between 8-10 sentences. Use what you have learned in chapter 12 when developing your paragraph. Your paragraph will be graded using the following rubric: