Chapter 10 Review

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Breaking Through, 8th ed. Chapter 10 Review

1. What is an inference?

2. Why would meaning be implied rather than stated directly?

3. Have you practiced recognizing slanted language? What is connotation? What is denotation? 

4. What kinds of clues imply meaning?

5. Have you practiced drawing conclusions?

6. How do good readers draw conclusions?

7. Be sure to complete the Vocabulary Enrichment exercises that follow any assigned reading selections from this chapter.

8. Do you understand all of the exercises assigned from this chapter?

9. Why are jokes funny?


"The Best Place"

10. Know and be able to recognize the meanings for the vocabulary found in "The Best Place".

11. At what point in the story did you guess what was going to happen?

12. Why is the blood pressure deception an excellent choice for Dr. Whitney?

13. What factors must combine to make Dr. Whitney's scheme a perfect and profitable crime?