Chapter 1



1. What is active learning?
2. What is cognitive psychology?
3. Define attention.
4. How does the brain screen messages?
5. Is divided attention effective?
6. Can tasks become automatic?
7. What can be frustrating about college reading?
8. Identify and explain two cognitive style inventories.
9. Discuss Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences.
10. What is concentration? Causes and Cures?
11. What are the academic behaviors of successful college students?
12. What is a syllabus?
“Volunteers Help Protect the Environment”
1.    Be familiar with the Peace Corp Volunteers and their work in Bulgaria, Morocco, and Madagascar.
2.    Do you know how these countries face their environmental problems?
3.    How are the volunteers partnering with the communities in Bulgaria, Morocco, and Madagascar?
4.    What are some of the grassroots efforts that the Peace Corp Volunteers are leading?
5.    Do you know how volunteerism has impacted communities in Bulgaria, Morocco, and Madagascar?