If there is a fire in your area, follow these guidelines:

  1. If you discover a fire or smoke, leave the area and pull the fire alarm. From a safe location, call College Security at 6911 or (704)330-6911 from non campus phone) and report the fire.
  2. If you  are able to safely extinguish the fire, do so only if you have been properly trained. Make sure that you have a safe exit from the fire area. .
  3. Evacuate the building as soon as the alarm sounds and proceed to the designated area of assembly. Take personal belongings with you
  4. On your way out, warn others nearby.
  5. Move away from fire and smoke. Close doors and windows if time permits.
  6. Touch closed doors. Do not open them if they are hot.
  7. Use stairs only; do not use elevators.
  8. Move at least 300 feet from the building and go to your building's designated area of assembly.
  9. Do not re-enter the building or work area until you have been instructed to do so by the emergency responders, College Security or Building Emergency Captain.

If there is a fire in your building: Evacuate immediately following the fire exit signs in your area.