Shelter in Place/Building Lockdown

Shelter in Place/Building Lockdown

Some emergencies may require that CPCC students, faculty, staff and visitors take shelter inside the building. Incidents such as violent intruders or a hazardous material release are examples where it may be safer to shelter in place. Information concerning the event will be distributed through security, building captains, broadcast emails, CPCC TV, the CPCC website and the Critical Alert Emergency Notification System.


Law enforcement agencies may use the term “lockdown” when directing occupants to shelter in place.


When direction to shelter in place or lockdown is given, the following actions should be taken:


  • All students, faculty, staff and visitors should move into or stay inside a nearby campus building.
  • Close and move away from all windows and doors. Lock doors if possible.
  • Remain in place until notified by emergency personnel, security or building captains.
  • Security personnel will begin the process of securing exterior doors.

Severe Weather Response – Tornado Shelter Areas

In severe weather incidents, such as a tornado, occupants will be notified to move to a more structurally sound location in the building. CPCC employees and students will receive information by email, through the Critical Alert Emergency Notification System, and on the CPCC website when tornado warning announcements are made by the National Weather Service. A tornado warning means that a tornado has been spotted or indicated by weather radar in the area.

If classes are in session and a tornado warning is in effect (a tornado has been spotted in the area), CPCC employees and students should follow these guidelines:

· If a tornado threatens, seek shelter immediately.

· Move to the lowest level of the building, basements are safest.

· Move to the interior area of the building (inner hallways, inner rooms).

· Stay away from windows, skylights and other glass areas.

· Stay out of areas with a large roof expanse (auditoriums, gymnasiums).

Tornado shelter areas have been identified in every building at all campuses.

Click on the links below to find the tornado shelter areas for your building.