Is Online Career Counseling for You?

targ We want to make sure you get the most out of the Career Target Program. Read below to determine if you are ready for the technological requirements of doing career counseling online.
Please note: if you are taking an online class through the Virtual Campus, you should be prepared technologically. You may bypass the following steps.

I have a valid E-mail Address

Need one? Activate your free CPCC Student E-mail account.
Or obtain one from Yahoo, Hotmail, or Google.

I have the technical resources

Access CPCC’s website on what technical resources are required for
the Online Career Target Program. It explains what you need!

I have basic computer and email skills

  • Know how to attach documents to an email
  • Know how to save documents in folders on a disk or eLocker
  • Enjoy chat rooms and instant messaging (IM)

I have read the Career Target Program & Counseling Orientation Materials

I have read and understand all Online Target Privacy & Consent Statements

I am ready to begin! Contact a career counselor near you to learn about the process, fees, and materials for the program.


The in-person version of the career target program is a better choice for me.