Online Target Privacy & Consent Statements

By using the Career Target Program website, you consent to the conditions outlined in this policy statement.

Please read Career Services’ Student & Graduate Policies.

Continuity of Services
If a client needs to contact a career counselor, please send an email message to the counselor. A counselor will respond to the message in a timely fashion when the College and Career Services are open, and the counselor is present during posted office hours. Please email to reach an alternate trained career counselor in the event that your career counselor is unable to respond to your emails or phone calls for an extended period of time due to sickness, vacation, or other unforeseen or scheduled event.

If your counselor needs to transfer or refer you to another counselor, they will ensure that appropriate processes are completed and open communication is maintained with both you and your new counselor.

Emails containing confidential information should not be directed to, but should be used only to express your need for a career counselor.

Technology Issues
In the event of an interruption of technology services, the client may arrange an alternative mode of communication by contacting Career Services at 704-330-6651 during our normal working hours.

Potential misunderstandings may occur between client and counselor when using a technology-based distance career counseling format, because of the absence of visual cues. If a misunderstanding occurs, please discuss it openly with your counselor or you may contact the Director of Career Services.

Computer Availability
There may be free public access points to the Internet in your community. CPCC Computer Labs and the Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County have computers available. If you need additional assistance locating computer public access points in your area, please let your counselor know.

Interstate Regulations
Central Piedmont Community College Career Services is unable to provide services to students in California, Hawaii, and Nevada, because of the lack of participation on the part of these states to acknowledge professional counseling services. We do not provide services to students in North Dakota, because of the North Dakota’s Senate Bill No. 2115 relating to the practice of a regulated occupation or profession across state lines.

Communications with your counselor will remain confidential, except under the following circumstances:
• Disclosure is necessary to prevent serious and foreseeable harm to you or a readily identifiable third person
• A counselor believes that a child or vulnerable adult is being subjected to abuse, neglect, or exploitation
• Disclosure is made necessary by legal proceedings
In all other cases, your written permission is required to release any information about you.  Concerning academic records, we will use and protect your information in compliance with the Family Education & Privacy Rights Act (FERPA). 

American Counseling Association Code of Ethics
If you have any questions about confidentiality issue, please let your counselor know.

Career Services Technology Agreement
By using the Career Target Program website, you are aware that transmissions over the internet are at your own risk and that third parties may, despite our best efforts, unlawfully intercept or access transferred information.

Students participating in technology-based distance career counseling must agree to the conditions explained in the Informed Consent
Technology Based Distance Career Counseling:

Central Piedmont Community College provides a secure web mail system for its students. Messages exchanged on this system between students and CPCC employees remain secure.

The system also provides a facility for students to forward emails to external email providers. For students using external email systems assurance of privacy cannot be provided.

Please note online credit card transactions are conducted via a secure site.

Session data may include client emails, test results, chat function, session notes, and chat sessions. Client data may be preserved indefinitely. CPCC Career Counselors delete counseling emails directed to their individual email accounts on a monthly basis to ensure your privacy.

For confidentially, we highly recommend when communicating with a counselor that you use your free CPCC Login Account, which is a SECURE SITE.

Counselor Codes of Ethics
If you would like more information about counseling ethics, please refer to the following: American Counseling Association
National Board of Certified Counselors
National Career Development Association
North Carolina Board of Licensed Professional Counselors