Career Target Program

A comprehensive career development program for CPCC Students, The Career Target Program will help you make a career decision with the assistance of a trained career counselor. The program will help you explore and gather information about yourself and careers, so you may make an informed choice about your best career match. You will discuss your goals and expectations, use assessments to generate lists of careers, define your skills, interests and personality, and discover what you are passionate about. Your counselor will help you through the 6 sections that make up the Career Target Program:

  • Assessing Myself
  • Discovering Who I Am
  • Targeting My Options
  • Taking Aim
  • My Equipment
  • You
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    After listening to your concerns, your counselor will suggest activities that will be targeted to your needs. As you complete each section, both of you will discuss what you wrote. Since the counselor can be objective, he or she might point out:

    • New career options
    • Areas that might conflict with previous things you discussed
    • How different facets of your life relate to a career
    • Potential pitfalls   



    What are students saying about the program?
    "I just want to tell you again Thanks for all your help and advice! It feels like so much stress and worry have been removed. Thank you for helping me overcome this step so i can finally move onto the next one, I cant wait to get started, Thanks Again!"

    "I am very satisfied with the career counseling offered at CPCC. If I hadn't have taken advantage of this service, I would have been stuck with an occupation that I would not have liked at all. Thank you so much!"

    "I am delighted CPCC had this program to offer those of us who need help with career changing decisions. I am a student returning to school, and now I feel I am ready to begin. I can plot my course and move forward."

    "This program and my career counselor were both extremely helpful to me with my career decisions and planning questions. I probably wouldn't have known about my chosen career without my counselor's help."

    "My counselor was always prepared. It seems like she went out of her way to provide me with ideas and resources for finding a career."