Which version of the Career Target Program is best for me?


We have developed online and in-person versions of the Career Target Program to meet students' needs. To help you make a decision about which to choose, please read about the advantages of each version and click the arrow under the one that will work best for you.



  • Allows you to utilize new and innovative technology
  • Proceed at your own pace
  • Save time and money by not having to travel to campus
  • Complete the program successfully in a comfortable environment at home
  • Do you enjoy computers? Like to visit chat rooms?
  • Have a computer and the necessary skills to work online
  • Meet in-person with a career counselor
  • Receive computer assistance in the career center
  • Plan your appointments around your class schedule
  • Utilize other resources in career services: e.g., books, videos
  • Do you prefer to talk to people in-person rather than on the phone?
  • Can use the college computers to complete assignments



Next steps for the on-line version
of the Career Target Program

Next steps for the in-person version
of the Career Target Program