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CIX 7023 Introduction to Hand and Power Tools
This class is designed for students who would like to know the correct way to use hand and power tools. It will cover the basic tools such as table saw, circular saw, miter saw, jig saw and power drill and driver. Reviews applications, proper use, safety and maintenance

CIX 7024 Build an Adirondack Chair
This class is designed for students who would like to build projects for their home. We are building an Adirondack Chair that can be used on your back porch or deck. this class will give students the confidence to build other projects on their own.

HOM 7003 Tile Your Home
Ceramic tile is a low maintenance, durable and stylish way to update residential flooring and walls. Designed for homeowners who want to install or repair ceramic tile, this hands-on class will teach you about floor preparation, tile selection, layout and the installation and replacement of damaged tiles.

HOM 7006 Decorate with Trim Molding
Whether your intent is to increase the value of your home, to showcase your own sense of style, or to simply reduce finishing cost, molding adds value and style to any home. Learn the basics of trim carpentry, such as how to cut and install baseboard, chair rail and crown molding. This class will also teach you the art of coping. This class will be hands-on, but will not include the use of any power tools.

HOM 7007 Bricklaying Home Repair
This course is designed for the home owner that is interested in repairing existing masonry projects. This would include steps, fireplace fire boxes, loose and or cracked bricks, chimney caps and other repair work.

MAS 7001 and MAS 7002 The Art of Bricklaying
While bricklaying involves intricate patterns and designs, it IS possible to master. This course will teach you the fundamental techniques you’ll need to build a brick wall, step, corner, chimney or other structure. Emphasis is placed on the correct use of the mason’s trowel, level, plumb line and tape measure. Job safety and safe work habits will also be covered.

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