Crowder Construction Institute

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Below are brief descriptions of the programs in the Crowder Construction Institute. Click the names to visit the program pages.

Green Building - These courses emphasize environmentally-friendly procedures as it relates to building.

Licensing - These courses are for those wishing to obtain a license in the electrical and/or building contractor fields.

Code Inspector - Code Inspectors are responsible for assuring that equipment, installations and systems are in compliance with established codes, laws and regulations. CPCC offers courses in building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing inspection for this high-demand, high-growth career.

Do It Yourself Courses - CPCC offers a variety of short, do-it-yourself courses such as plumbing, masonry, trim carpentry, and much more.

Carpentry - These courses cover tools, techniques and practices in carpentry.

Masonry - These courses cover tools, techniques and practices in the building of brick walls, steps, corners, chimneys, stonework and other brick structures.

Plumbing - These courses cover tools, techniques and practices involved with plumbing.

Home Inspection - These courses prepare students for the home inspection Prelicensing Examination and to perform home inspections.

Flagger training - Controlling traffic through work zones is one of the most important and dangerous operations in today’s road construction and maintenance. Effective July 1, 2009, the North Carolina Department of Transportation will require properly qualified and trained work zone flaggers on all projects. Central Piedmont offers a four-hour NCDOT-approved National Safety Council Work Zone Flagger course.

Photo Gallery - These photos show the different projects that students in the Construction Institute have worked on.