IT Certificates for Professional Development

Better Than BootCamp!

At Computer Technology Institute we have created IT Professional Certificates that align to top skills companies are looking for PLUS a 3-step Strategic IT Career Plan to help get you there.

We believe that advanced minded professionals, like you, should have a vision of what you want your career to be, accompanied by the goals, strategies and tactics which will take you there without spending a lot of money.  The Essential Technologists course helps you set this vision into motion.

Our Certificates are built on a building block model.  We have bundled our classes, which allows you to take one class at a time, getting comfortable with the new skill before moving to the next block.  You will have the time to work through the skill without spending a fortune and learning too little, too fast!


Plan your Career

With the growing demand for information technology services means that  there are more career opportunities for you.  Begin by aligning your career goals to an IT Certificate - if you are unsure where to begin then register for our Essential Technologist course to get your started or attend one of our free Information Sessions. 

Working with the Computer Technology Institute Team, gives you an advantage into insights of what the Charlotte market is doing and who is hiring.  Combined, our team is comprised of over 35 years experience in IT and workforce development.

Pick your Interest


Implement your Career Plan

During and after you complete your IT Certificate - register for IT Career Management course(s)  to keep moving you forward!



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