Employee Parking Regulations

Please display permits at all times. The permit must be displayed in lower left corner of the rear window. NOTE: Drivers of convertible top automobiles may display the permit on the windshield, ensuring that it is placed in such a way as to not interfere with the driver’s ability to view the road.

Your parking permit is for designated employee areas only. If you park in student areas, payment of posted rate is required.

Your parking sticker is for your use only. If you utilize multiple vehicles, you may apply for a second sticker for that car. If your vehicle information changes we ask that you update that online at Preferred Parking.

Designated loading areas have a 20-minute limit. These spaces are to load and unload materials from your vehicle. Please clear the area after loading/unloading, so that another employee may use the space.

Parking in designated spaces is very important, as it maximizes available space for all employees. “No parking” areas and fire lanes will be strictly enforced.

If you have outstanding tickets, your new sticker will not be issued until your tickets have been resolved. If you receive any tickets please pay or make use of the appeal process by following instructions on the back of the ticket. Do not give your tickets to anybody. Handle them directly with Parking Services.

Please direct all parking questions, concerns, and suggestions to Preferred Parking Service.

Parking Services is located in Central High 265 and can be contacted at 704.330.6117.