Pandemic Plan

PandemicCPCC has created the Pandemic Preparedness Plan to guide the College in preparing for and responding to an influenza pandemic outbreak. The purpose of this plan is to minimize the impact of an influenza pandemic on students, faculty and staff by describing the specific actions to be taken by the College based on the following objectives.

  • To protect the lives, safety, and health of all students, faculty, staff, and visitors at every Central Piedmont Community College campus.
  • To effectively communicate with all involved parties throughout the duration of a pandemic.
  • To provide for the continuation of as many College operations and services as possible as long as it is safe to do so.
  • To prevent the spread of infection through health and hygiene education.

Pandemic and Influenza: A Guide to Understanding

    The following resources were used in developing the current plan.

    "Colleges and Universities Pandemic Influenza Planning Checklist" is a guide developed by the Center for Disease Control and can be found at:

    North Carolina Department of Public Health at:

    Click here to view the plan: CPCC Pandemic Preparedness Plan

    Other Resources:

    For facts about avian and swine influenza and what individuals and their families can do to prepare:

    For the latest news on swine influenza around the world:

    For the latest news on avian influenza around the world:

    For information on preparedness plans for an avian or swine influenza pandemic in our community:

    Click here to view the CPCC Emergency Response Guide.