Behaviors of Concern/Violent Behavior

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Behaviors of Concern

Behaviors of concern exist when an individual is threatening to harm themselves, others, or if you are concerned for their well being.

If behaviors of concern occur, the following steps are recommended:

  • Never try to handle the situation without assistance.
  • Call the College Safety and Security Services Emergency telephone number, extension 6911 from a campus telephone or 704.330.6911 from a non-campus telephone, and report that you need immediate assistance; give your location and the nature of the situation.

Active Shooter/Violent Behavior

If you hear shots fired on campus, or if you witness an armed person shooting people (active shooter), the following actions are recommended:

  1. Gunfire may sound artificial. Assume that any popping sound is gun!re.
  2. FIGURE OUT your course of action immediately. In the initial moments, decide what is occurring and which option listed below will provide the greatest degree of security.
  3. GET OUT: If there is considerable distance between you and the gunfire, quickly move away from the sound of the gunfire and find a secure place to hide or at least a place that will provide protection from gunfire such as a brick wall, large trees, or buildings.
  4. DIAL OUT for assistance: When you reach a safe location call the College Safety and Security Services Emergency telephone number, 6911 from a campus telephone, or 704.330.6911 from a non-campus telephone. DO NOT assume that someone else has reported the emergency. The information that you are able to provide law enforcement officers may be critical, e.g. number of shooters, physical description and identification, number and type(s) of weapons, and location of the shooter.
  5. HIDE OUT: If the shooter is in close proximity to your location, use the Shelter in Place procedures and hide within the room.
  6. KEEP OUT: Barricade doors with any heavy objects available.
  7. SPREAD OUT: If there are two or more persons in the same place when an active shooting incident begins, you should spread out in the room to avoid offering the shooter an easy target.
  8. Wait for police or College Safety and Security Services to assist you out of the building.
  9. For more information on stop the bleed, please visit the following link:

Be mindful that violent attacks can involve any type of weapon, not only a gun. Knives, blunt objects, physical force or explosives can be just as deadly as a handgun; the suggestions listed here would be applicable in any violent encounter.