About CPCC's Text2Tip Service

The College Security Officers are here to help you. No matter what kind of situation arises at the College, contacting CPCC’s 24-hour Central Dispatch Station is the first step toward resolving problems. Call 704.330.6911 for emergencies on all campuses or call 704.330.6632 for non-emergencies on all campuses. There might be a situation that you might not be able to talk on the phone. Now you can also send anonymous tips using your mobile phone.

How to Use CPCC's Text2Tip Service

Simply text message “cpcctip” and your message to the number 67283. It’s that easy. Once your message is received, you will receive a confirmation. If you don't receive the confirmation message, treat it like a phone call that wasn't answered and send the message again or call us directly. Depending on the situation, the dispatcher may respond via text message to clarify any information needed. Though Security can communicate with you, we do not receive your actual phone number and your identity remains anonymous. Remember, standard text messaging charges may apply.



Help us keep CPCC safe! Just like crime stoppers you can send an anonymous message to let officers know about something that happened in the past or about something that might happen in the future.