Critical Alert

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Keeping you safe is one of the College’s top priorities. That’s why we’ve upgraded Critical Alert and the emergency notification system tool we use to contact you in the event of a campus emergency.

All emergency communications from the College now come from This new tool is extremely user-friendly and includes a variety of new features. You’re now able to:

  1. Directly update your contact information in the Emergency Notification System (
  2. Control whether or not you receive emergency notifications by joining or opting-out of the system.
  3. Customize your notifications.

Please go to to enter or update your emergency contact information. 
If you have any questions regarding the upgraded service, please contact our Information Technology Services Help Desk at 704-330-5000 or

If there’s an emergency on campus or a closing due to inclement weather wouldn’t you want to know? Get the latest information you need immediately through the CPCC Critical Alert emergency notification text messaging and direct phone call system.

Sign up is free; however, participants should be aware of their individual cell phone plan and the costs involved for text messaging and calls.

How does it work?
CPCC has contracted with Regroup, an externally hosted system that allows the College to immediately transmit messages to the phone numbers you’ve provided. In the event of a campus emergency, CPCC will send emergency voice and/or text messages to the phone numbers you’ve listed. If no one answers, Regroup leaves a message in your voice mail box.

When would the College send an emergency notification?
This system will only be used in the event of a true emergency (such as an intruder, natural disaster, severe weather or campus emergency) and/or a campus closing.

Am I automatically enrolled to receive emergency text messages and phone calls?

No. Students, faculty and staff who would like to receive emergency notification are required to register their emergency contact information every year.
To sign up:
1.    Go to and login
2.    Click the 'Email & Phone' tab and enter your contact information, and
3.    Click the 'Join a group' tab and join the Emergency Notifications group.
It is your responsibility to update the contact information you provide in order to receive these emergency notifications.

How will I be alerted if I don’t have a cell phone or do not sign up for this service?
Emergency messages will continue to be sent via campus e-mail, on the CPCC website, emergency information hotline (704.330.6888), CPCC TV, local media (including radio, TV, and online newspaper). Additional emergency communications are being developed continuously.

What if my cell phone number changes?
You must update your telephone number by logging into your Regroup account at If your carrier changes but your number remains the same, there is no need to re-register.

What if I want to remove my name from Critical alert?
If you would no longer like to receive critical alerts you can login to, go to the 'Group Notifications' tab, and click the 'Leave group' link for the Emergency Notifications group.

Will my phone number be given out?
The numbers you provide will remain confidential. CPCC and Regroup will not release the numbers to third parties.

What kinds of messages will I receive if I sign up?
The College will send alert messages with pertinent information about the emergency situation and/or campus closure. To ensure that the system is working properly, you may also receive a test message each semester.

What kind of guarantee is the College going to make that I will actually receive notification of an emergency?
Unfortunately, in a crisis situation there are factors beyond our control; therefore, there is no total guarantee that you will receive the notification. Remember this system is only one part of the notification plan the College currently has in place. We encourage you to access all methods of communication provided by the College during a crisis situation. In addition, it is important that you provide as many types of contact information as possible, including a valid e-mail address to the College, and phone numbers to the Critical Alert emergency notification system for text and direct phone calls.

How fast will I receive the emergency notification?
CPCC has taken a multi-layered approach to emergency communications to ensure that the CPCC community is well informed in such an event. Using both internal and external notification methods, we hope to quickly reach each student at least once with critical information.

Will the Critical Alert Emergency Notification System send messages to TTY/TDD devices?

If I get an emergency text message or voice announcement and want more information, whom should I call?
In an emergency, phone lines might be full. For additional information we encourage our faculty, staff and students to check for updated information at, the automated emergency phone line (704.330.6888), CPCC TV, and local media outlets (including radio, TV, and newspapers).

If I have trouble signing up for Critical Alert Emergency Notification, whom can I call?
You can contact the ITS help desk at 704.330.5000.