Campus Access Parking & Security Fee

College Security Services

In recent years, CPCC has faced increasing costs to maintain parking and security services on our eight campuses. Historically, a portion of these costs have been paid through revenues from the sale of parking cards and parking lot exit fees paid by Central Campus students.

In order to share these costs among our students taking classes at all our campus locations, the College has implemented the CAPS (Campus Access, Parking, and Security) Fee. This fee is charged to all students, at all campuses, including CCE students.

The CAPS Fee is:

  • $73 for curriculum students registered in 8 semester hours or less
  • $97 for curriculum students registered in 9 semester hours or more
  • $12 per class for students enrolled in Corporate and Continuing Education courses
  • No student will be charged more than $97 each semester.

Each student will be issued a parking permit for access to CPCC parking lots.

Using parking decals allows us to set the parking lot exit gates to operate freely, making for a faster exit from parking lots.