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New Exam Approval Process and Registration Procedure

The North Carolina Code Officials Qualification Board has partnered with ICC and Pearson VUE to provide computer-based testing (CBT) and course development as of July 1, 2009. As of November 1, 2009, all 15 state exams will be conducted at Pearson VUE testing centers across the state and paper and pencil exams will no longer be available. A list of Pearson VUE testing sites in North Carolina and surrounding states is below.

The registration procedure is outlined in the Exam Information Bulletin for the State of North Carolina Inspector Examination Program and available at the following link: under 2009 Specialty Certification Quick Links. As indicated, you will need to be approved by the Board prior to scheduling any exam with Pearson VUE. To begin the exam registration process, the applicant will need to send an Exam Request Form as well as any applications or letters of technical supervision to the staff for review and approval. All forms are located on the Board’s website. The education and experience requirements have not changed. Once eligibility is established, the applicant will be e-mailed or faxed a letter of approval for the exam containing instructions on scheduling the exam with Pearson Vue. The exam fee is $172 per attempt payable to Pearson VUE.

Upon completion of the exam, the applicant will receive the score immediately at the testing center. Your score will be electronically submitted to the staff for download directly into the Qualification Board’s system. To reduce the possibility of errors, the applicant will need to use the assigned Identification Number (ID#) provided by the Board. The ID# will be used by Pearson VUE. This number will be sent to the applicant as part of the approval letter. The proctors at Pearson VUE will not have the applicant’s ID#. This is a vital part of the exam process. The applicant will need to be prepared with all materials allowed, including the ID# when arriving at the testing site. The proctors will not have materials to loan for the exam. ID#s can also be located on all certifications issued by the Board as well as the annual renewal card. There is also a listing of all active inspectors with their ID# available on the Board’s website.

The exam applicability date will still be established on a quarterly schedule since standard certificates are only issued quarterly. This will coincide with the quarterly meeting of the NC Code Officials Qualification Board. Once eligible, if the applicant takes the exam at least two weeks prior to each quarterly board meeting, the certificate will be issued at that quarterly meeting. The quarterly board meetings are scheduled to occur on the 4th Tuesday in the months of January, April, July, and October. These dates may differ due to unforeseen weather issues such as snow or a hurricane. The dates of the quarterly board meetings for the rest of 2009 and all of 2010 are on line here.

In the event the applicant fails the exam, a review can be scheduled within 30 days of the exam with Pearson Vue. The Qualification Board has identified that a second exam attempt of the same technical discipline and level cannot be made within 2 months. It should be noted that reviews will be changed so that only the incorrect answers can be viewed. An exam review opportunity is included in the exam fee for unsuccessful candidates.

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