What are the Code Inspector requirements I should have to work in Mecklenburg County?

In Mecklenburg you have to be a level 3 State certified inspector within 1 year of hire, so that means you must come into the county qualified for a level 3 probationary certificate with a letter from the State to that effect. Mecklenburg is a little different other jurisdictions will start an inspector out at level 1 and let them work up the scale. Someone starting at level 1 can work up to level 3 with all the classes and exams and probationary periods in about 4-5 years if they work hard and pass every class and exam.

How many courses do I need to take to become a certified Code Inspector and what are the course names?

To be an inspector in most jurisdictions someone can start off with a probationary level 1 certificate in that specific trade, there is one for building, plumbing, electrical, mechanical and fire. They usually have to hold for 1 year this probationary certificate before they could sit for the State exam. During this year anytime they can take the certification class, probationary certificates are only good for 2 years and are not renewable so if an applicant fails to obtain their standard certificate within that 2 years they can no longer be a code official inspecting in that trade. The classes needed are the 2 day legal class which you take one time and it applies to all fields and then the level 1 class for that specific trade which for building is a 6 day class. You can continue to take the certification class until you pass it and after that you are eligible to sit for the State exam at least twice. If you fail the second time an applicant will have to take the class again. Level 2 and level 3 certificates allow inspectors to inspect larger buildings with level 3 being unlimited. The classes for these level are just the certification class, law class is no longer needed.

If there are more requirements for Mecklenburg County inspectors than other counties, could you please let me know what these are?

Mecklenburg County requires you obtain a level 3 certificate for the trade hired for within 1 year of employment and once that is obtained you must obtain 96 hours of continued education each year broken down as follows:

60 Technical hours
12 Legal hours
12 Mentoring hours
12 Administrations hours

The State requires at least 6 hours for their C.E. which is usually part of our 60 hours of technical not in addition to. Inspectors must also have 2 jobsite reviews by their supervisor and 2 jobsite reviews by their peers. There is a form we use to fill out this information and rate the quality of construction and inspection performed.

How much do the courses cost?

A complete list of courses with prices can be found on our website. Click here for the list.

How do I register?

Individuals can register by calling 704.330.4223. For all questions pertaining to classes contact Jasmine Hines at 704.330.4423, jasmine.hines@cpcc.edu.

What is the order of the classes?

Level I courses should be taken first, but all code inspectors must be certified up to Level III in order to work as a code inspector.

When should I buy my textbooks?

Textbooks may take up to 3 weeks to deliver in some cases. If you know that you’ll be taking the class, it’s a good idea to purchase your books in advance, even if you haven’t yet registered for the course.

What are the attendance requirements that must be met in order to receive a passing grade in the Code Inspector courses?

100% attendance is required in order to absorb and retain the wealth of information you’ll receive in class. In order to sit for the State Exam in Raleigh, you’ll need passing grades and 100% attendance in each of your Code Inspection classes.