Hardware and Software Requirements

Hardware and Software Requirements1

Operating System

Minimum Requirements

Recommended Requirements

Windows Windows 7
100MB Free Disk Space
HTML5 Compatible Browser*
Windows 7 or Newer
15 GB Free Disk Space
Citrix Receiver**
OS X OS X 10.8
2 GB Ram
100MB Free Disk Space
HTML5 Compatible Browser*
OS X 10.8 or Newer
10 GB Free Disk Space
Citrix Receiver**
iOS iPad 2
iOS 7
Citrix Receiver*
iPad 3 or Newer
iOS 9
Citrix Receiver**
Android Android 4.4
Citrix Receiver***
Android 5.1 or Newer
Citrix Receiver***
Chrome OS Chrome OS Version 37
HTML5 Compatible Browser (included)*
Chrome OS Version 47 or Newer
Citrix Receiver***

* CPCC recommends Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
** Available via http://www.citrix.com.
*** Available for iOS in the Apple App Store, Android in the Google Play Store and for Chrome OS in the Chrome Web Store at no cost.
1 These guidelines do not supersede, and are not inclusive of, the minimum requirements of the operating system.


Additional Requirements2



Screen Size 10 Inches or Larger
Screen Resolution 1024 x 768 or Better
Keyboard External keyboard is required in all cases unless specified differently by the CPCC Disability Services office.
External keyboard must disable the on-screen keyboard.
Pointer Device A Mouse, Touchpad, or other pointing device is required.
Using the touchscreen as a pointing device is not recommended.
Audio Audio capabilities with Headphones/Earphones are required for some applications.
Network (off-campus) Minimum of 800 kbps required. 2 Mbps recommended for use of high definition audio and video.*
Video Out (recommended) HDMI

* You can check your internet speed using the free Ookla Speed Test.

2 These guidelines do not supersede and are not inclusive of the minimum requirements of the operating system.


Purchasing a Recommended Device

As long as your mobile device meets the above requirements, all you need to do is bring the device to class. If you need to purchase a mobile device that meets our hardware and software requirements you have a few options.

Option 1 - Using Financial Aid:

If you need to use financial aid, the CPCC Bookstore is available to help you purchase a recommended mobile device. You will need to go in person to one of the campus bookstores to complete a mobile device purchase using financial aid. Locations and hours of operation are located at the CPCC Bookstore website. At this time, a mobile device can't be purchased via the bookstore's website

Option 2 - Using personal funds:

We have set up a website to provide a selection of recommended mobile devices A list of recommended mobile devices is located on Dell's CPCC Member Purchase Program website. At this time you will need to use your personal funds to complete a purchase via the CPCC MPP site. Financial aid cannot be used on this site.