Getting Started

CPCC ITS offers Citrix as our remote access offering for both students and employees.

  • Virtual Application is a hosted application service which provides direct access to CPCC licensed applications from anywhere on all popular platforms with the need to log into a computer.
  • Virtual Desktop is a hosted computer environment which provides access to CPCC resources from anywhere on all popular platforms.


It is strongly recommended that you use the Citrix Receiver Stand-alone Application, as the virtual desktop may not have all of the available features. You can download it for your device using the links provided below:


If you cannot use the Citrix Receiver application, you can use the HTML5 web-based interface. This option is not as powerful and lacks some features of the Citrix Receiver. If you have to use the web-based interface, we strongly recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox when using CPCC Cloud as they offer full HTML5 support. Please use this link to access the web-based CPCC Cloud environment.



1. Setting Up & Accessing CPCC Cloud

2. Using your Applications, Files, & Storage within CPCC Cloud

(these instructions apply to all devices)

3. Logging out of CPCC Cloud


If you need assistance with CPCC Cloud or would like more information regarding the CPCC Cloud initiative, please review the CPCC Cloud FAQ. For additional technical assistance, please contact the ITS Help Desk using one of the methods below: