CPCC Cloud is a College-provided service that will bring classroom software that students need on their device. Students will be able to use their device to complete school work, assignments, or tests while in class or at home.

  • Q. Why are we moving to CPCC Cloud?

    A. Over the years the requests for computer classrooms has risen as specialty software is needed for instruction. In order to meet this demand for students, we are taking advantage of new virtualization technology and moving away from the legacy computer classroom architecture. This empowers our students by giving them access to specialty software on their mobile devices from anywhere with an Internet connection.

  • Q. How will I know if my class will use CPCC Cloud?

    A. Your instructor or the course information will instruct you if it is a CPCC Cloud course.

  • Q. Are existing computer classrooms and labs going away?

    A. No, our existing computer classrooms and labs will stay.

  • Q. What does the future of computing at CPCC look like?

    A. Students will use their own devices to access needed classroom software.

  • Q. What is CPCC Cloud?

    A. CPCC Cloud is a collection of services for students to use their own device to complete school work, assignments, or tests while in class or anywhere with internet access”. CPCC Cloud will bring the software that you need for class to your device.

  • Q. When will CPCC Cloud begin?

    A. We will begin a pilot with a group of Health Science students in the summer 2016. Once the pilot is completed we will begin expanding to other areas of the college.

  • Q. What does CPCC Cloud change?

    A. The ability to use computing without having to schedule a specific room or travel to campus to use software only available in computer labs.

  • Q. How do I print while using CPCC Cloud?

    A. At this time printing from personal devices is not available as printing from a personal device is not supported by our current infrastructure. We are researching and looking for ways to print from your personal device. To print documents students will have to use a computer lab using a wired computer supplied by the college and connected to the CPCC network.

  • Q. Where do I store my electronic files while using CPCC Cloud?

    A. You can store your files locally on your personal device, in your CPCC Student eLocker, or you can upload them to your CPCC Google Drive.

  • Q. Does CPCC Cloud pass accessibility requirements?

    A. Please review the Citrix Voluntary Product Accessibility Template, located here.