Cooperative Education

CPCC can connect your company to some of our top students through a program called Cooperative Education. Often known as Co-op, our staff selects eager students with relevant knowledge and skills to join you for work experience.

Co-op is similar to an internship, but allows students to earn academic credit while getting practical experience in a position directly related to their studies. As the employer, you get a unique opportunity to evaluate the student's performance and contribution before making a longer-term commitment.

Our Co-op partner companies also benefit by the opportunity to engage with students. By learning from each other, the college can better prepare your future workforce. Such ongoing and active partnerships help the College produce well-qualified graduates with relevant skills needed in the local workforce.

Let our students' success contribute directly to your company's success.

You may also visit the Co-op website or check our FAQs for employers.

Email or call us at 704.330.4660.