Apprenticeship Charlotte

Apprenticeship CLCApprenticeships date far back as an effective system of transferring knowledge and skills between generations. Today, North Carolina's apprenticeship program is under the NC Community College System and coordinated by the Department of Labor.





The CPCC partnership

Let CPCC help your company set-up an apprenticeship program. With this as a part of your training strategy, you can rely on the college to deliver:

  • administrative support for the candidate intake process.
  • coordination of state recognition activities and agreement process.
  • detailed information on the required and elective course work, available with certificate, diploma or degree requirements.
  • convenient sponsorship option to CPCC (payment process).


CPCC will typically help employers work with the state, particularly in the initial set-up and creation of agreements. Employers with a signed state agreement are ready to begin a registered apprenticeship.

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