Incumbent Worker Grant Checklist

Download the checklist.


  • Contact the Workforce Development Board to advise of intent to apply for funding.
    Craig Cole 704.336.2879,


  • As a requirement of the application (Section II), contact Sherry Washington at 704.330.4672 or to see if alternative resource funding exists.  Be sure to document your conversation.


  • If you’re not already in discussions, make an appointment with a Corporate Learning Advisor to evaluate training needs. Call 704.330.4660 or email



  • If you would like to have your application reviewed prior to final submission, send a draft of the grant application to Craig Cole/Demone Frink ( for preliminary review at least 1-2 weeks before the deadline.


  • Make necessary revisions, based on the feedback from Craig/Demone.


Charlotte-Mecklenburg Workforce Development Board
700 Parkwood Avenue
Charlotte, NC  28205

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Workforce Development Board will contact you regarding the funding results approximately six weeks after submission.


Email or call us at 704.330.4660.