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NCWorks Customized Training

The availability of a skilled workforce - the talent required to drive performance - is a proven factor in the recruitment, relocation or expansion of business and industry. CPCC works with North Carolina’s Customized Training Program to provide education, training and support services for new, expanding and existing business and industry in Mecklenburg County.

For local employers with existing workers who need training, the team offers a valuable connection in applying for grant funds from state and other sources.

Featured Project: Snyder's-Lance Expansion

In 2013, the Corporate Learning team worked closely with the Snyder's-Lance as the company invested nearly $74 million dollars to increase production and add automation throughout its South Boulevard facility. With help and funding from the state's Customized Training Program, the College created and delivered a cohesive training plan to train operators, technicians and others in the new technology and equipment. Learn more in this YouTube video.

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