Top 10 Techniques for Finding a Job

1. Get clear on what you want to do.
Aligning your job search with your interests can make a difference, because passion sells!

2. Know yourself
Your strengths (think “Behavioral Competencies”), your skills and what makes you different from other job seekers. Know what’s transferable to other jobs.

3. Know what’s in demand in the market place.
What jobs are available? What’s in demand? What skills are required for those jobs? Which of these skills have I used before in a different way?

4. Create an effective 30-second commercial
Then practice, edit, practice, edit again and practice some more until it sounds like the way you talk.

5. Create a targeted résumé
AFTER you finish the first four steps.

6. Create a marketing plan for your target job. Include the key skills you know are in demand for the job you want, and a list of the companies you want to work for.

7. Make a list of everyone you know.
This is your network. Do not limit it to people in the business world – everyone you know knows other people!

8. Network with everyone you know.
Show them your marketing plan and ask if they know anyone in the companies you want to work for.

9. Step away from the job boards!
Use them only for information about what’s out there. Spend your time proactively reaching out to the companies you want to work for.

10. Perform like a STAR in your interviews.
Be prepared for behavioral interviews; know how to connect your skills to the employer’s needs.