Model Overview

CPCC’s Model:

In collaboration with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS), CPCC will implement a model intervention that will:

  • Provide co-requisite support for the most essential pre-requisite topics in one or more high school math courses. Successful completers of the given course, who also successfully complete the required co-requisite, will simultaneously satisfy their 4th high school math requirement and will earn eligibility to register for gateway college-level mathematics courses.
  • Be advised by a team of CPCC math faculty and CMS math teachers; the taskforce team will:
    • Examine CMS high school math courses to identify the most essential prerequisite topics needed to be successful in those courses.
    • Align the above-referenced topics to competencies in CPCC developmental math (DMA) courses.
    • Align the above-referenced topics to learning objects in the EdReady system.
    • Actively engage in ongoing discussions with CMS administrators and faculty.
  • Adhere to a set of well-established standards for success, such as:
    • Multiple Measures or Career & College Promise placement guidelines
    • Robust professional development for faculty and staff
    • Findings from the analysis of relevant student success data

Participating high schools will use EdReady to provide just-in-time remediation on the most essential prerequisite topics that are associated with units currently covered in their high school math course. Phase 1 schools will begin with the Advanced Functions and Models (AFM) course.

Phase 1 High SchoolUtilizing Agreed Upon
EdReady Assessments
EdReady Mastery Level
Set at 85%
Harding High School Yes Yes
Myers Park High School Yes Yes
North Mecklenburg High School Yes Yes
Vance High School Yes Yes
West Charlotte High School Yes Yes


Units of AFM curses


Unit 1 Prequsities
Probability Curriculum


Unit 2 Prequsities
Univariate Data Curriculum


Unit 3 Prerequisites

4 Unit 4 Prequsities
Piecewise-Defined Functions
5 Unit 5 Prequsities
Power Functions
6 Unit 6 Prequsities
Logarithmic Functions
7 Unit 7 Prequsities
8 Unit 8 Prequsities
Recursively-Defined Functions