Career and College Ready Graduates (CCRG) Legislature

The North Carolina State Board of Community Colleges, in consultation with the North Carolina State Board of Education, shall develop a program that is aimed at providing opportunities for college remediation (in developmental mathematics and developmental reading and English curricula) for high school students prior to graduation. The program shall be fully implemented in all North Carolina high schools beginning with the 2018-19 school year. The program shall require the following:

  • The introduction of the community college developmental curriculum in the high school senior year by providing opportunities for remediation prior to high school graduation.
  • The establishment of measures for determining college readiness by the end of the junior year.
  • The establishment of measures for successful completion to ensure that students are prepared for coursework at NC community colleges.
  • Delivery of remedial courses by high school teachers.
  • Providing high school teachers with professional development that targets the instructional strategies that will be used in the prescribed remediation process.

For more information on CPCC’s CCRG model effort, please contact Bruce Johnson (Associate Dean, STEM).